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28.04.2022 - 28.04.2022
Veranstaltungsart: Präsentation

On 28.4.2022 the Austrian and Czech team met in České Budějovice at the Institute of Entomology. The main aim of the meeting was to compare the results of metabolic measurements in human and insect cells. Insect cells induce ATP synthesis in response to adenosine. In insects, there is a 3-order increase in ATP concentration in epithelial cells. In mammalian epithelial cells, only a 3-fold increase in ATP. Researchis focused on the question of whether there are human cells that behave similarly.

The meeting was accompanied by presentations by individual team members. Another topic was the planning and preparation for the international conference in June, which both teams attended. Finally, the preparation of a new publication on joint research topics was discussed.